Washington State Funeral Directors Association Enlists GMG to Identify and Procure Specialized Tax Incentives for Members

* * * * * Federal Way, Washington – February 20, 2014 * * * * *

Millions Available in New Federal Tax Incentives for Funeral Homes

Funeral Homes, an often overlooked industry for federal tax incentives. In this industry, the business has often remained “in the family” for many years, even generations. As a result, federal tax incentive eligibility has rarely been investigated.

Fortunately, for Funeral Home owners, there is likely a considerable benefit waiting for them. Since most Funeral Homes have been purchased or constructed for over $1,000,000 and the business is generally paying taxes at a high bracket, they are ideal candidates for the tax incentives. Furthermore, we have seen many Funeral Homes across the nation undergoing significant renovations, most of which qualify for the benefit as well.

WSFDA recently partnered with GMG and the Strategic Business Coalition to procure their expertise and compelling value proposition on behalf of its Members.

Jewell Folsom, Executive Director, states, “I would like to welcome GMG and the Strategic Business Coalition as proud WSFDA Partners. Our Members look forward to improving their bottom line through the specialized tax incentives and cost savings opportunities which GMG has a track record of being able to help procure for funeral homes.”

“We are very excited to assist WSFDA’s Members in the identification and procurement of specialized tax incentives which are often overlooked by small- to medium-sized businesses.”, said Ryan Maddock, GMG’s Founder and CEO. “This is not a ‘one-size fits all proposition’, but instead a one-funeral-home-at-a-time effort. We have an experienced local Advisor, Alan Haugen, to meet with each Member to review their particular situation, again, at no cost. If an incentive opportunity is confirmed, we’ll honor special WSFDA discounts to produce the documentation required to safely procure tax incentives.”, Maddock said.

About GMG: GMG has saved clients over $300M since 2004. Over 100 years of combined experience allows us to stay at the forefront of the specialized tax incentive industry. Our resource team of over 100 industry specific Program Specialists, Tax Engineers, IP Attorneys and Financial Analysts allow us to deliver the most comprehensive engineering based tax studies and cost recovery programs to our clients.

WSFDA Members wishing to learn more about GMG and WSFDA partnership, please visit <ahref=”http://gmgsavings.com/wsfda/” title=”WSFDA”>www.gmgsavings.com/wsfda

Ryan Maddock is the Managing Partner at Growth Management Group and is a News Contributor & Corporate Consultant on Stimulus Money, Specialized Tax Credits, & Corporate Outsourcing