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At $240,000, the Hotel & Hospitality industry is currently number two, trailing only the manufacturing sector for largest average savings received per client.

Since nearly all business owners in this industry own their building(s), there is substantial opportunity for both Cost Segregation and Property Tax projects.

GMG is the Cost Segregation and Property Tax Review provider for the Econo Lodge Franchisee Association (ELFA), and has completed studies for nearly all of the major hotel brands across the country.

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Specialized Tax Incentives for the Hotel & Motel Industry

Building, Purchasing or Renovating a Hotel or Motel? Read This First!

Who Qualifies for Tax Incentives and Stimulus Money?

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[one_third][member name=”Holiday Inn” role=”Hotel, New York” img=””]Cost Segregation Benefit ~ $3.6M[/member][/one_third]
[one_third][member name=”Lexington Inn & Suites” role=”Hotel, Montana” img=””]Cost Segregation Benefit ~ $136K[/member][/one_third]
[one_third_last][member name=”Town Place Suites” role=”2 Property Hotel, Maryland” img=””]Cost Segregation Benefit ~ $454K[/member]
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