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Jamie Hansen

GMG Savings Advisor

Jamie Hansen

Senior Advisor – Western WA
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Strategic Business Coalition (SBC) provides a wide range of business services that reduce taxes, audit various cost centers, and drive revenue directly to the bottom line. SBC, through its strategic alliance with Growth Management Group (GMG) is able to reduce taxes and overhead for almost any business. All services are offered on a contingency basis with NO cost to the business.

Since 2004, GMG has produced more than $300M in savings for a wide range of businesses including, Toyota, Westinghouse, Hyatt Hotels, Arkansas Funeral Directors Association, as well as, manufacturers, attorneys, physicians, and almost every other segment of the business world.

We also offer the most used discount prescription card in the United States. This card was chosen by Mayor Bloomberg for the City of New York, is used by some of the largest unions in the nation, the largest school district in the United States, as well as many municipalities, religious organizations, and many private businesses. Significant discounts can be achieved no matter what type of health insurance a business owner or employee may have. Average savings on generic drugs is 47% and less on name brand drugs. Many other deeply discounted medical services are being rolled out in 2014.

A twenty five year veteran of the financial services industry, Jamie Hansen is a recognized educator and advocate for predictable financial strategies and the need for “longevity planning” for retirement. As a result, he has taken on the role of mentoring and training thousands of pre-retirees and retirees, advising them on how to properly address their total financial needs with safer approaches to saving and investing.

He helps his clients create gains when the markets go up, but never allow losses when the markets tank. He is a sought after speaker who has spoken at many financial seminars, workshops and conferences around the country. Jamie specializes in:

  • Safe market linked strategies to grow wealth without taking losses
  • 401 K Diversification
  • Tax free income during retirement
  • Guaranteed Lifetime Income strategies
  • Strategies to protect against loss of wealth due to loss of health

I have started a strong networking group on LinkedIn called “Tacoma Connections”. We have approximately 1580 members. We have in person networking events and work to help executives and professionals expand their networking efforts.

GMG is a team of legal, tax and engineering professionals which produces the technical documentation which manufacturers and other businesses would require to safely procure specialized tax incentives. We produce Studies to support the following tax strategies:

  • Engineering Based Cost Segregation
  • “R&D” Tax Credit (Section 41)
  • Energy Policy Act of 2005 (Section 179D)
  • Domestic Production Activities Deduction/Section 199
  • IC-DISC Export Benefit
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Growth Management Group’s Specialized Tax Group has helped it’s clients find $500M in benefit through Specialized Tax Incentives. Formed in 2004 GMG’s slogan “Your Growth Is Our Business” is more then just a mantra, it’s a way of doing business. Our entire purpose is to help our clients grow, by creating economic stability and growth nationally through available programs that build business revenues thus creating jobs. With over 1000 team members in 48 different states, we stay on the cutting edge of available programs and serve in a wide array of industries.